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Welcome to the Homepage of the Department of Information and Communications Technology

Dezernent Martin Overath
Martin Overath

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is responsible for providing information technology and communications solutions for all administrative and clinical purposes at the Frankfurt University Hospital. The systems and solutions we provide maintain support and improve patient health care, medical research and education, as well as the management of the hospital. While the IT commission assigned to the management team of the hospital sets the agenda in order to improve and optimize operations at all levels of the hospital, DICT provides the necessary solutions in order to achieve the objectives defined by the commission. Main principles of our work are the standardization of all IT systems, a centralized information management, and a dedicated customer support by specially trained support staff.

DICT consists of four branches:

The Software and Information Systems (SIS) branch provides and maintains all software applications.

Major installations maintained by SIS are:

  • Orbis/Openmed by Agfa/GWI, a leading software provider for hospitals, used by all medical centers and by the patient accounting offices
  • R3 system by the leading German software company SAP used by the general administration department
  • medical laboratories are equipped with a laboratory information system by Swisslab/Frey
  • PACS by U.S. company General Electric used since 2006 in the radiology departments and since 2008 in the cardiology centers.


The Communication Technology and Client Management (CCM) branch is responsible for the entire IT hardware and infrastructure.

Major services provided by CCM include:

  • the management of the hospital-wide network for data and voice communications
  • internet connections like World Wide Web and e-mail
  • Virtual Private Network access
  • IT security
  • client management.

The Central Information Technology (CIT) branch operates the main data processing and computer center.

CIT is responsible for operating all file and application servers and more than 200 servers. Operating systems by Microsoft (Windows NT, 2000, 2003) and Unix are installed. Database servers use Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL server platforms.

The „Organisation“ (ORG) branch supports DICT staff in operational and organisational matters and coordinates the dispatch of the IT support staff.



General Information

Head of Department:
Martin Overath

Erika Hendrix

Tel.  : +49 69 / 6301-6770
Fax. : +49 69 / 6301-3770

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