Dear colleagues,

It is a distinct pleasure to invite you to join the workshop/
symposium on peripheral nerve surgery at the Goethe
University, Frankfurt/Main. This workshop will provide the
opportunity to learn and to enhance the skills in endoscopic
surgical techniques. The retractor integrated endoscopic
technique for the decompression and transposition of any
peripheral nerve will be taught on fresh human cadavers.
Special attention is provided to the endoscopic transposition
of the ulnar nerve, endoscopic releases of the tarsal tunnel,
supinator-loge, meralgia paraesthetica, loge-de-Guyon,
thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel etc. Furthermore,
an introduction to endoscopic microsurgery will be provided
within the premises of the cadaver hands-on workshop.

With an eminent international faculty we look forward to
stimulating, in-depth discussions of basic concepts and
clinical practice of peripheral nerve surgery in various
parts of the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to Frankfurt in
October 2010!

Prof. Dr. Volker Seifert
Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery
Director, Center of Clinical Neurosciences

PD Dr. Kartik G. Krishnan
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Associate Professor

• Gross and Endoscopic anatomy of peripheral nerves
• Types of endoscopes and instrumentation
• Principles and comparative evaluation
of endoscopic techniques
• Indication and technique of endoscopic procedures
for the treatment of peripheral compression
• Endoscopic microsurgery