Chimerism analysis

The aim of transplantation is the eradication the recipient’s haematopoietic system and its permanently replacement by the haematopoietic system of the donor. Complete chimerism is established when all haematopoietic cells originate from the donor. In malignant diseases like leukaemia complete chimerism is associated with a lower risk of relapse.

    • By means of chimerism analysis characteristic microsatellite profiles can be detected in samples of recipient and donor.
    • The investigation of subcellular fractions (enriched by MACS-Beads) increases the limit of detection.
    • Required sample material:
      A reference sample from donor and recipient is required once before transplantation. Sample size for follow-up depends on the number of subcellular fractions (2 ml EDTA/requested investigation). The results are available on average 1-2 working days after receipt of the sample.
    • If you have further questions, please contact Prof. Bader or Dr. Kreyenberg.